We had a fast passage to the San Blas Islands of Panama, only five days. We had a few days with not enough wind, but most, with too much wind, 25-35 knots with gusts to 40 knots, and large seas 15-18 feet. But it was a good passage and we averaged over 200 miles a day arriving safely in the San Blas Islands.


Notes from August 22.


"Today is such a spectacular day! We are anchored in the eastern Holandes island group. I just counted eight little islands surrounding us, with more off in the distance.

The other day we explored the nearest one, Ogup Piriadup, which is uninhabited. It is about 500 yards long and 200 yards wide, with a narrow sandy beach the whole way around. The foliage is very dense and the whole island is covered with coconut palms.

I cut a few palm fronds and, using a palm basket from St. Lucia as a pattern, I succeeded in making a passable copy, though I haven't quite managed to figure out the bottom. Mine turned out a bit unstable.

The guys have been trying to catch some fish, both with poles and also with spears, but no luck so far. But the local people fish everyday and often come by with something to sell us. We have bought lots of lobster, a few purple spider crabs and several red snapper."

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