Sawos mask PNG

Masks of Papua New GuineaMasks in Papua New Guinea cultures serve a variety of spiritual, cultural and decorative purposes. Most PNG masks are from the Sepik region, where the production and use of masks is an important part of traditional culture.Ancestral masks represent deceased ancestors while spirit masks embody tribal spirits. Ancestral and spirit masks are not designed to be "worn" but are mounted in men's houses, spirit houses and other locations of importance. Gable masks (usually woven from cane) are mounted on house gables to protect the occupants from marauding spirits. Dance masks (and tumbuans) on the other hand are used functionally as accessories in traditional dancing and performances of cultural rites. Woven yam masks are used to decorate large yams unearthed during harvest.No two masks or tumbuans can ever be exactly the same. Each is crafted by a different artist, representing a different ancestor or spirit, and is therefore unique.Please note ALL of our prices include;Shipping (USPS) and Handling, Packaging and Packing, Insurance and Tax. For additional mailing services please email or call.
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