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Designed by Kumu Hula Sonny Ching who is well-versed in cultural protocol and traditional chants and dances. His mission is to perpetuate, preserve and live the values and traditions of Hawaii. He created this series of three pe'ahi (fans) to honor great Hawaiian women from three different time periods. Each is in an individual frame.

Dedicated to Kanewahinekiaoha, the warrior wife of Kaweloleimakua, a famous warrior. She was well-versed in warfare and was noted for her skill with the 'pikoi' in battle. The pikoi was made of either wood or stone with a rope attached. This was hurled at the enemy to encircle their arms or legs and render them helpless.

The silver detailing, overlapping wire and open filigree pattern work reminds us of the pikoi. Dedicated to this warrior chiefess, this piece represents skill, courage, strength, diplomacy, determination and loyalty.

Set of Three - $4950

Handmade 925 Silver

Fan 7"H x 7"W

Frame - 14"H x 12.5"W x 1.5"D


SKU: 064
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