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Designed by Kumu Hula Sonny Ching who is well-versed in cultural protocol and traditional chants and dances. His mission is to perpetuate, preserve and live the values and traditions of Hawaii. He created this series of three pe'ahi (fans) to honor great Hawaiian women from three different time periods. Each in an individual frame.

This piece honors Kalanikauika'alaneo Keopuolani-Ahi-Kekai-Makuahine-a-Kamakalani-Kau-Keolaneo who was queen consort of Hawaii and the highest ranking wife of King Kamehameha I. She was a ni'aupi'o chiefess and the last descendant of the ancient ali'i from Maui and Hawaii and the last female ali'i whose mana (spiritual power) was equal to that of the gods.

The design is reiniscent of the 'ohe kapala (bamboo stamp) called pe'ahi hiu (cocnut fan). The arch in the design reminds us of her ni'aupi'o status, the twine-like handle resembles the pulu (fiber) of the niu (coconut).

Dedicated to ths mother of kings, this piece represents compassion, spirituality, intelligence, serenity, courage, justice and sacredness.

Set of Three - $4950

Handmade 925 Silver

Fan 7.9"H x 6.3"W

Frame - 14"H x 12.5"W x 1.5"D


SKU: 065
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