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This feather lei is called a Lei Kamoe. It is referred to as a velvet rope or cigar lei, for the feel of velvet as you carefully run your fingers down the lei. This lei is handcrafted; feathers were cleaned, cut, hand tied onto a yarn base and finished with a satin ribbon.

Sande Lew is a Kauai artist with many talents. She creates original jewelry and is an accomplished hula dancer. Her Hawaiian name is Naleiualani.


The old Hawaiian feather work as it is done in Old Hawaii is a distinctive cultural art of Hawaii. Traditionally handcrafted of plant fibers and rare feathers from endemic birds of the islands, the finest feather capes and cloaks (‘ahu’ula), Royal staffs of feathers (kahili), feather lei (lei Hulu manu) helmets (maniple) and feathered god images (Aku a Hulu manu) were painstakingly handcrafted vibrant treasures. They were symbols of power and status of Hawaii’s monarch, and provided spiritual protection.


This lei has been framed in a shadow box of Hawaiian curly koa (Acacia koa).

12"H X 10"W x 2"D



SKU: 075
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