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This carving represents the Pacific bonito (sarda chiliensis) which is abundant in the waters surrounding the islands of the Pacific. It has been a staple that has nourished the islanders for centuries.

This sculpture is carved from Solomon Island kerosene wood (cordia subcordata) and is inlayed with mother of pearl. There is an ingenious hidden container under the fin. The fin itself is the handle of the lid.

This is a traditional carving. In the old days, the remains of the great chiefs were often kept in the canoe house stored in beautifully carved effigies of bonito.

For the mother of pearl inlay, the artist cuts a piece of shell to fit the space, then cuts it into tiny pieces, files each one to create the pattern, and then puts each individual piece in place using custom putty.

Personally collected Compadre Voyage

20"L x 7"W x4"H


SKU: 083
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