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Koa has long been the cultural anchor of Hawaii. In the old days, Koa was resrved for Hawaiian Royalty and was used to make the first surfboards, outrigger canoes and weaponry.

The artist Kele has incorporated some precious "curly koa", also called "tiger-stripe", using it for the upper portion of the canoe and the outrigger. This model has six seats and is finely lashed with natural jute cord. The design was carefully studied and engineered to precision.

Kele Hayward is our inhouse artist/woodworker, creating exclusively for Havaiki. In addition to this scale model outrigger canoe, he has designed a display of ancient Polynesian fish hooks and he is famous for his Hawaiian paddles shaped from koa.

This scale-model canoe is accompanied with a pair of custom-made matching wall bracket mounts.

40"L x 8"W x 3"H


SKU: 133
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